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Serenity Prime reviews – Does serenity prime supplement really work or scam? Read full list of ingredients, side effects and customer complaints.

All the five senses of the body play an important part in making sure a person leads a comfortable and a healthy life. Even if one of the five senses face an issue, it becomes a little difficult to handle the situation. There have been a lot of advancements in the medical field concerning the 5 senses, especially the Ears, Nose and Eyes. Intricate surgical procedures have also been established which help people to recuperate from an injury or an illness.

However, there are scenarios where alternate health supplements play their part in reducing any issue that might occur or preventing a certain injury or illness from occurring in the body. One of the frequent issues that humans face with respect to the ear is Tinnitus. A healthy ear can prove to be a blessing for people. One of the best health supplements, which protects your ears from getting unhealthy and maintains perfect balance inside is Serenity Prime.

Serenity Prime ReviewsProduct Name : Serenity Prime

Product Type : Capsules

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What is Serenity Prime?

In simple words, Serenity Prime is an all-natural health formula that takes care of the health of your ears/hearing. The main components of this formula are vitamins and plant-based ingredients which make this product very safe to use and harm free.

How does Serenity Prime work?

Serenity Prime works mainly towards keeping everything related to the ears in a healthy shape. One of the first things that the formula does is to rejuvenate the hairs cells surrounding your ear drums. This helps in hearing properly without any disturbance in the ear.

This supplement works towards rejuvenating the health of Cochlea hair cells, which are the sensory cells of the auditory system. When any stimulation happens in the ear, sound waves in the Cochlea cause a slight disturbance in the hair cells which then trigger electrical signals in the hair cells. The health of these hair cells is of utmost importance which Serenity Prime takes care of.

This supplement is also a strong hearing support that can be used to fight against the damage of free radicals. This results in improvement of the immunity of the body. An important factor for the success of Serenity Prime has been the functioning of the supplement in the body to eradicate the root cause of all hearing issues from the body.

This supplement also functions by working towards reducing the hearing fatigue caused in the ears due to a constant functioning across the day. It also works by improving the immunity system of the body which would help in preventing any infections or injuries that the ear might sustain.

On the other factors front, Serenity Prime works by providing the body with the required antioxidants which help in maintaining a better hearing. It helps in making sure our hearing remains in the level during they younger days.

What are the ingredients?

Serenity Prime is made of plant-based ingredients and vitamins that help replenish your body with all the necessary factors to keep you and your ears healthy and working well.

Some of the important ingredients of the formula are:


This ingredient works on the brain. It removes any unwanted anxiety and stress from your mind to make sure the healing process is smooth.


This works on inducing sleep in the body so that your ears deserve the rest they should and the body starts to heal.


It tunes your mind and induces sleep.


This is the molecule that is responsible for reducing hearing loss and reducing tinnitus in the ear.


This element is important in enhancing the functioning of L-Taurine in the body.

Goji Berries

These help in boosting the immunity of the body and protects the body from unwanted emf.

Lemon Balm

This is important in improving the functioning of the mind. It helps in releasing in positive waves from the mind to the body, which also results in reducing tinnitus in the body.


This ingredient is special in the way that it helps in improving the health of your thought and gives the body the energy and drive to work towards reducing the constant ringing sound in the ears.

  • The supplement helps in maintain the perfect electrical signal emission in the mind. Once that happens, the mind is in sync with the other parts of the body. This results in reduction of the whooshing, breezing and ringing sound in the ears.
  • This supplement helps in reducing the stress and anxiety levels in one’s mind. It keeps the balance between the mind and other organs in sync.
  • This supplement might also provide an alternate to hearing aids, prescribed heavy medications and any other side effect inducing treatments that you might be going through.
  • This helps in sleeping peacefully at night, without any ringing in the ears and any anxiety related distress.
  • Some people might have allergic reactions to certain ingredients present in Serenity Prime. Please consult your physician in case you develop a rash or any reaction after the usage of this product. If you haven’t started using, you can consult your doctor in how to go forward with the usage, once you have decided.
  • The availability of the supplement is only via the official website. You cannot get it through other online pharmacies or the physical medical stores.

How should you take Serenity Prime?

The quantity of a given bottle has 60 capsules that are all natural. The dosage that is usually recommended to a normal person is two capsules per day, as an enhancer supplement to your already existing diet. Please keep in mind that this supplement is just an additional enhancer and is not supposed to be the main diet. It should be an addition to the diet for it to achieve the needed results.

What is the pricing of Serenity Prime?

Based on the pricing on the official website of Serenity Prime on the time of writing this article, the pricing stands like this

  • One bottle – a month worth of supply of the capsule – is priced at 69$
  • Three bottles – 3 months’ worth of supply – are priced at 59$ per bottle.
  • Six bottles – 6 months’ worth of supply – are priced at 49$ per bottle.

The interesting point here is that while one must take the whole course which is recommended, which is the 6 months course, the most popular pack is the 3 months course. This offers a multiple level advantage to the people who buy

  • You can know whether this is the right medicine for you with respect to any positive or negative effects on the body and then continue after 3 months.
  • It is economically priced without any higher or lower bandwidths.

All the shipping inside the United States is free of cost.

How safe is Serenity Prime?

This is a question that has been constantly asked on multiple forums and also to the company. You need to know that every capsule that is manufactured is done in The United States of America in an FDA approved facility. The facilities are also GMP certified, which make sure that any process that is followed is sterile, strict and put into use with strict protocols.

All the capsules are non-GMO and pure. This essentially means that the capsules do not contain any dangerous chemicals that can be of any harm to your body. One more important thing to be kept in mind is that these capsules are not habit inducing. You can rest without any worry while using these capsules.

If you have any issues while facing these capsules, there is a full money discount that is available. If you are unable to find a good improvement in your condition before and after usage, or you are not content with how the supplement has been acting on your body, you can directly contact the team on the official website within the first 60 days of the use. This gives you an ample amount of time to try and use the product. Once you raise the request, the team will get in touch with to initiate the refund.


There are over thousands of people who have started to use this health supplement since sometime and have all seen amazing changes in their hearing health. There have been seldom any negative feedbacks or comments about any harm done to the body. There are a lot of happy customers, which will give you a huge boost in trying out the product.

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